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Queenie Henna創辦人 - 雷靖梵 (Anson)




Anson was once a touring cyclist and began a journey in 2014 to fundraise for MSF (Doctors Without Borders). Starting from South Africa, he traveled half the globe and returned to Hong Kong in 2016. He wrote and published a book named “活着回來” about this 509-day bicycle expedition.

Unfortunately his mum, who had a cancer recurrence, passed away shortly after his return from the trip. Anson had thus determined to set up a company aiming to help cancer patients. He remembered how his mum wished to dye her regrown hair after cancer treatments, yet never did that because most of the hair colouring products are full of carcinogenic chemicals. He found out about Henna hair dye later and started to study on it. In 2017, he had eventually started the social enterprise named after his mother - Queenie Henna to provide free hair-dyeing service to cancer patients.


Queenie Henna

Queenie Henna 是一間天然草本染髮專門店,我們主要為顧客提供100%天然的Henna染髮服務,若然顧客是癌症病患者的話,我們願意為他們提供免費的Henna染髮服務,期望能透過義染服務為失去經濟能力的癌症病友帶來一份鼓勵和支持。

Queenie Henna Hong Kong is a social enterprise. By providing free service and free herbal hair powder to cancer patients, we aim to encourage the patients in need to cover the grey hair naturally after the cancer treatment.

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